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If you are staying in the area and would like to collaborate with us, we will craft unique experiences to make your stay in Meaford as memorable as possible! Here are a few examples to inspire your imagination ...

1. Surf and Turf - go for a full body experience with a half day hike on Meaford's extensive trail network followed by a relaxing paddle on the bay or local river!

2. Floating meditation - if you're eager to immerse yourself in nature please consider a guided, mindful meander down a local river. We will meet you, at a predetermined location, with all the gear you'll need for a safe, peaceful, relaxing experience that soothes mind, body and spirit!

Have any ideas for your own customized 'experience'? 

Please send an email to and share your thoughts - paddling ability, type of watercraft you seek (kayak, SUP), where you're staying, when you'd like to paddle and what kind of experience you prefer.

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